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  • Centre of Excellence for PFM Training, Research and Capacity Building
Welcome to Institute of Public Finance Bangladesh

The Institute of Public Finance (IPF) stands as a specialized institute committed to enhancing knowledge and skills in the field of Public Financial Management (PFM). As part of our mission, we aim to develop capacities and competencies among staff from the Ministry of Finance and all other Ministries and Divisions of the Government of Bangladesh through training and research on Public Financial Management (PFM).

Two decades of PFM reforms and subsequent changes have generated an enormous demand for government officials equipped with specialized knowledge and skills in PFM. However, there exists a clear gap between the demand and supply of PFM-trained officials, which can potentially impact the implementation of government plans and the sustainability of ongoing PFM reforms. In this particular context, the Institute of Public Finance Bangladesh (IPF) was established in the year 2013, with the noble purpose of imparting knowledge through training and conducting meticulous research endeavors, under the auspices of the Finance Division.

At IPF, we are dedicated to cultivating excellence, empowering our nation builders, and driving positive change in Bangladesh's public administration and financial management domains. We offer some core courses, namely FEEM, BMS, ABM and IBM, and a range of customized training programs. Our courses cover a broad spectrum of PFM topics, including budgetary principles, expenditure management, revenue generation, financial reporting, risk assessment, and accountability mechanisms. To assist the government in evidence-based decision making, IPF has recently embarked on the research projects in the area of PFM and macroeconomics.

IPF is steered by its Director General, while a distinguished Governing Council, comprising 14 members and presided over by the Secretary/Senior Secretary of the Finance Division, directs its endeavors. Furthermore, an astute Executive Council, consisting of four members, takes charge of the institute's executive decisions. Notably, the esteemed Chief Patron of the Institute is the Honorable Minister of Finance, lending invaluable guidance and support to its operations. Located within a vibrant commercial habitat at the 1st 12 storied Govt. building, 7th Floor, Segun Bagicha, Dhaka, IPF provides an ideal environment for immersive learning and professional growth.