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Last updated: 5th August 2019

Fiscal Economics and Economic Management (FEEM)


FEEM is one of the flagship training courses offered by Institute of Public Finance (IPF) for strengthening capacities in public financial management. This course is usually conducted within duration of ten weeks as a full time, non-residential training course. IPF holds FEEM twice/thrice a year, usually each batch accommodates 25 participants.

The course offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and professional experience being delivered by a mix of practitioners and academics in the pool of trainers. Ninth module of the course highlights discussion and theoretical aspects on issues of national priorities and their respective challenges in the development context of Bangladesh.

The course consists of nine modules and eight evaluation exams to assess the level of learning during the training. The program also includes one separate module (English Language) for enhancing the overall competencies of participants. The participants are required to sit for globally recognized International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam arranged by IPF at the end of the course. 



Main objectives of the FEEM course are:

  • To examine key linkages between macroeconomic budgeting, policy, and performance;
  • To develop understanding of the sources and management of funds within the government budget;
  • To analyze methods for enhancing budget performance and targeting techniques for cross sector budgetary decision making and applied budgetary analysis;
  • To explore methods of enhancing effectiveness of Government Policy decisions through budget auditing, monitoring  and control ; and
  • To provide participants with knowledge and techniques to assess the impacts of Government budgetary decisions.


FEEM Course Modules:

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